Tasha Blank (Episode 8)


Today’s episode is all about committing to not staying safe, to pulling back our safety blankets and seeing what happens when we fully let go and say “fuck it!” Here to inspire us is Tasha Blank, an artist, teacher, speaker, and DJ/producer on a mission to set the world free.

Tasha has devoted her last decade to understanding how the technologies of the mind, music, and movement can be used to unlock our fullest potential. Her underground dance phenomenon, The Get Down, along with everything else she does — writing, coaching, teaching, composing, DJing, partying, dancing — is dedicated to letting the most liberated, badass versions of ourselves run wild.

Tasha built her life around music and dancing as the mediums for her ultimate message about the possibility and adventure and truth to be found in our lives. She discovered that the quickest way to flip herself out of her bullshit brain and into the real and possible was through movement and sound, and has pursued that path ever since.

With dance, Tasha explores the way in which people in Western cultures have become disconnected from their bodies and trapped in their own minds. DJing and music became the channel through which Tasha now explores the mind-body connection.

Listening to our bodies and figuring out what we truly need is key to reconnecting with something important that we’ve all lost — our gut instinct. It can be a frightening process, and it’s certainly not easy, but committing to facing our fears and moving beyond them is the surest path forward towards making our dreams a reality.

More Radical Lessons in this Episode:

— Music and dance aren’t separate from our bodies — we all have ears, we all hear rhythm, and rhythms move us.
— Our bodies store emotions, feelings, and trauma, but we’ve only been educated to process things intellectually, not physically; dance helps us learn to process what’s in our bodies.
— Trying something new is hard. We have to surrender to the fact that we’ll just suck at it for a while.
— It’s easy to psych yourself out of doing something and decide something’s not possible before even trying, but you need to be tenaciously committed to staying in motion and staying uncomfortable to achieve what you want.
— When we do things for ourselves that we truly need — sleep, nourish our bodies, move — we’re fulfilling universal needs, and ultimately increasing everyone else’s chances of fulfilling their own.
— Create spaces for safe, consensual dancing to help people to come home to themselves and listen to their bodies.
— So many (if not all) of the lines we draw between ourselves and others are completely false — ignore them, and embrace everyone.
— Your head may be telling you something is right, but you need to listen to your gut; pay attention when you feel an internal resistance to something.
— To understand some of our patriarchal history in a new light, read Sex at Dawn, by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha.
— Fear is about what we don’t know — the scariest moment is right before you jump.


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