A personal revolution. A reclaiming of what it means to put ourselves first. A lesson in how the world around us changes when we learn to lead with self-love and personal desire at the heart of every choice we make and every idea we birth into existence.

What Do YOU Want From Your Life? And Why Do You Keep Getting In The Way?

Why is it that with all of our freedom and empowerment, women are feeling more burnt out and less fulfilled than ever before?

Society doesn’t teach women that being your full self is acceptable. We’re taught how to behave, how to be polite, how to be attractive, how to fit in. If we’re lucky, we go to a good college, get good jobs, hope to settle down with a good partner, take some good vacations and maybe have some good kids… but is that all there is?

Even with Instagram feeds full of happy photos, why do so many of us still feel like something is missing? Or that there is something wrong with us if life doesn’t feel like it turned out the way we hoped… even when everything is “good”?

That’s why you’re here.

You don’t want to live another day of treading water, wishing something would change but not knowing how to make life work the way you want it to. Rightly so. You’re here to thrive – not just survive. Feeling good feels so damn… good. It’s what we all seek – but at the same time, we’ve been taught that doing what we want is bad and takes away from the joy of others.

This is our paradox and it’s time to call “bullshit” on what the patriarchy has been trying to sell us as “good enough”. Everyone can experience lives of purpose, joy, meaning and freedom – no matter where you come from, how much money you have, or what you’ve been through in your life. I’m here to show you how and to connect you to the real truth: you get to live life exactly how you want it. What it takes is saying good-bye to the limiting beliefs and ideology that you’ve been taught since birth, the stories of how life works based on lessons from your parents and society. The things you’ve taken for granted as truth…

What if you got to make up the rules and bend reality to live exactly as you wish?🔮

It’s time. You’re ready to do this life-changing inner work. And Michelle K. is here to create the tools and opportunity for you to uplevel beyond your wildest dreams.

⚡️ 1:1 Healing sessions + Transformational Mentorship

⚡️ 1 day Power Guidance Intensives

⚡️ Private Womens Circles

⚡️Rituals, Self-care Practices, Breathwork, Meditations, Energy Trainings

and more…

Who is Michelle?

Michelle Keinan

Michelle Keinan is a Power Guide, Somatic Healer and Transformational Mentor.

She is a living embodiment of what life can be like when you decide to say good-bye to other peoples’ expectations and decide to do YOU.
Michelle is powerful, uplifting, brave, honest, wickedly funny, smart, and deeply caring… and she doesn’t give a shit about being nice. Nice keeps you small, polite, likable. It makes sure you don’t ruffle any feathers or make anyone uncomfortable. It doesn’t throw your limitations out the door and it doesn’t change lives.

But that is what Michelle was born to do.

Michelle goes deep to the heart of your self-sabotage and teaches you how to excavate it and powerfully let that shit go. She works on all levels, re-programming your mental and physical patterns, teaching you to balance your feminine/masculine energy and most importantly opening the space for you to have a life beyond what you even allow yourself to consider is possible – all on your terms. No systems, no rhetoric – just freedom, fun and, most importantly, possibility in life, love, work, money, and spirituality.

Michelle is a successful wellness multi-preneur, healer, community builder, speaker and podcaster. She is a certified Practioner of the Grinberg Method and the Pantarei Approach, and a Level 1 NLP Coach. She has been in private practice for 7+ years, and has touched the lives of hundreds of clients around the world. Michelle and her husband Dan are the Co-Founders of the City Wellness Collective, whose mission is to empower a global network of healers to do their best work. Her Radically Selfish podcast – inspiring conversation with visionary women – is launching in January 2018.