Seher Sikandar (episode 23)

Seher is a photographer, writer, and community facilitator- depending on who you ask, and depending on what she is feeling passionate about. To put it simply, you’ll find Seher somewhere at the intersection of art, culture, media, healing, social impact.

2016 was a deep personal and healing year. Experienced betrayal from a close relationship, and the energy healer she was working with encouraged her to work through not just that pain, but ancestral abuse patterns that were still showing up. So, she made an intention to make healing her full time job.

Listen in for how this came about and what came next for Seher. From “manifesting broke-ness” to stepping into her power as a community facilitator, Seher’s experiences make for a conversation full of wisdom.

More Radical Lessons in this episode:

— We are dynamic. There is no need to describe yourself one way, forever. It is beautiful to embrace all parts of ourselves.

— You don’t always know how long it will take to heal.

— We teach what we need to hear ourselves.

— Free writing is a good tool to get in flow and get in touch with your creativity by writing whatever comes to mind; automatic writing is a way to channel “downloads” or messages from your higher self or Source.

— There is a difference between pushing yourself and forcing yourself when it comes to putting yourself out there on social media.

— You can be yourself, and go slow with yourself, and still be successful by doing things your own way.


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“All the different parts of me are coming from me.”
“I made an intention to make healing my full-time job.”
“Social media is a battle of the ego.”