Mimu Maxi (episode 18)

Have you ever had an idea, but told yourself it would never really work, or that you are too busy, or you felt like you couldn’t do it by yourself? Sisters-in-law Mimi Hecht and Mushky Notik had an idea and brought it to life, all while having busy, growing families and guided by their Orthodox Jewish culture and faith.

In fact, their culture is what inspired their growing business: Mimu Maxi. Mi and Mu’s faith promotes modest attire and as fashionable NYC women, they simply weren’t finding a lot of stylish options that fit their needs. The sisters-in-law/work wives started with designing just one maxi skirt – and before they knew it, were spearheading a Modest Fashion Movement, being featured in Refinery 29 and even Vogue. Using social media as a powerful tool for connection and community building, Mimu Maxi has inspired dialogue and created community with so many different types of women and cultures coming together around their designs. While their business is growing in leaps, they’ve never let it get in the way of their growing families or their faith. It’s all about balance.

This episode is a powerful example to women who are building their dream life – inclusive of family, faith AND success. When G-d is your business partner, can you really go wrong?

More Radical Lessons in this episode:

— Take your dream day by day, if you focus too much on the end goal you’ll get overwhelmed.

— We don’t have to go it alone, de-isolation is powerful to keep ourselves accountable, supported, and inspired.

— If something in your life isn’t flowing, put it aside and work on things that are happening.

— There’s a difference between working hard and balancing important aspects of your life, and truly being in a struggle. The struggle doesn’t need to be real.

— The only competition we have is ourselves.

— If you have an idea, listen to the positive voice inside you and go with what’s natural.
Start small, start with what’s within your reach.

— It’s not worth it to be totally attached to your phone if something in your real life is taking a hit.

— Believing in something bigger can help relieve stress and help prioritize your values.


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“If you have an idea and an inkling that it’s a good idea, just start.”

“If you’re open to hearing the message, you’ll know where to go.”

“If it’s not natural to you, don’t do it.”

“Blessings bring blessings.”