Melinda Alexander (episode 4)

Today’s episode is all about being real to yourself and living your authentic truth. Here to guide us through this personal revolution is Melinda Alexander. Melinda knows what it means to be transparent and shows that through her business and Instagram page. She is aware of the lack of transparency that occurs in the social eye, and she focuses on making sure she is as open with her following as she can be. She understands that she will never be able to please everybody, but chooses to live as her authentic self regardless.

Melinda Alexander helps women get free. A fierce advocate for self discovery and liberation, Melinda creates spaces for truth and testimony. As a writer, mother, activist and workshop facilitator, her aim is to embody the kind of honesty and growth that inspires you to free yourself–and your community.  She lives a magical yet simple life with her artist son and dharma partner in Los Angeles. She does women’s work. And shares it with the world on Instagram as @MuMuMansion.

Melinda prides herself on her voice to not be a brand or a business, but instead to be real and true to her story and journey by processing her own emotions out loud as she learns it. In this episode, she walks through her personal journey of finding her own transparency in her work. Melinda also speaks about the importance of not stretching yourself thin and allowing you to take time for yourself. When we say no to things and don’t over extend ourselves, the people that were benefiting from that feel it and may feel a sense of rejection. However she believes that it is not about rejecting them, it’s about improving you. She states that when you start to break free from the things in your life that cause you burden, loss is involved, so you have to look at relationships that ended and really dig deep and determine what role you played.

Melinda points out the importance of taking time to process your emotions. Learning to accept your emotions allows you to have a richer experience with your mental health. She believes that the traditional form of self care doesn’t cut it any more, and only you can give yourself self care because only you know what you want, what you need, and what helps.

More Radical Lessons in this Episode:

-Getting free is at the core of women’s work.

-Melinda walks through how she processed the #MeToo movement.

-How to manifest your desires even if they feel too far away.

-You can’t please everybody.

-We are all young girls on the playground who want to be liked and want to have friends, and that is normal.

-Part of mental health and emotional wellbeing is allowing yourself to be moody and accepting that you won’t be happy 24/7.

-You don’t have to have everything figured out, but don’t be in denial about what you need to work on.

-Surround yourself with people who are on their own journeys and constantly looking to improve themselves.

-You don’t need to be Superwoman to everyone.

-You don’t need to be perfectly balanced, you just need to have everything fit in your life how you want them to fit.


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