Melinda Alexander (episode 5)

Today’s episode is all about rediscovering what it means to care for yourself. Here to guide us through this personal revolution is Melinda Alexander. Melinda knows the importance of finding the time to care for herself as she works on balancing her successful business with motherhood. She understands that not everyone shares the same journey and encourages others to find the form of self care that works best for them.

Melinda Alexander is a writer, mother, workshop facilitator, and activist who does women’s work. She lives in LA with her 7 year old and partner. She focuses on doing women’s work and helps women reimagine themselves, their style, and their lives.

Melinda takes time every day to do her form of meditation, where she looks at her judgement or uncomfortable feelings and dives inward to discover what is really wrong. In this episode, she walks us through the idea that meditation is different for everyone, and your breakthroughs won’t always come from sitting on the mat. Instead, she uses meditation as an exploration whenever she is able to find the time to do so. Melinda also speaks about the importance of
creating boundaries that feel good to you, and aren’t just “necessary”. She believes that no one’s journey is not going to look like hers, and there is no blanket path that will work for each individual. There are layers of experience and privilege that are different for everyone, and it is important to find your truth and your boundaries that work with your journey.

When you look at others and experience jealousy, you have to reel it back in and trust that you will find the things that are meant for you when it is the right time for you to do so. She believes there is a large importance in finding the balance between getting rid of toxic people and triggers, and rewiring your relationship with those triggers.

More Radical Lessons in this Episode:

-Use meditation as an exploration.

-You may have an epiphany in the grocery store but you don’t always have the time to deal with it and go deeper. Then later, you can meditate and figure out what is going on and just sit and be with it.

-Anytime you can just sit and be with however you are feeling and noticing your emotions is meditation.

-Take time to discover what you are actually pissed off about. It’s rarely ever about the thing someone just said, but instead what you internalize it as.

-How to create boundaries that feel good to you that aren’t just “necessary”.

-Try to create enough mental space and agility to create a pattern and notice how you react when certain things come up.

-When meditating, new information can come up that isn’t external, but instead is internal with yourself and how you process things.

-Melinda would rather spend money on self care that is proactive and energy shifting, something that gives her support in what she is already doing.

-Self care for Melinda is like going to the doctor and finding the underlying issue that is causing her distress, or working towards fixing what is wrong in her life.

-We need to balance how much time we spend on social media and how much we actually take looking at our own lives.

-There was a time where we didn’t have social media, we only had movies, and we knew to some degree that those people were actors.



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