Gabriella Flores (episode 19)

With so many labels in the spiritual community, how does one describe themselves in a way that fully represents our brilliance and power? By Gabriella Flores’ own account, she has been brought onto a path for a purpose that has been divinely guided and leads you on your healing path. In other words, she taps into your energy.

Growing up in Queens, Gabriella knew she was different. She would receive downloads, or messages, that no one else could hear. Her Catholic upbringing shunned her powers, and along with anything else that could be perceived to be the “devil.” Knowing that she wanted to channel her gifts into helping other people, Gabriella set out to become a psychologist or a teacher. But ultimately she knew that these labels could not make her happy.

Gabriella began her own spiritual journey and let philosophies and tools like veganism and meditation guide her forward. Today she is both a life coach and hypnotherapist- but don’t let the labels fool you. Gabriella is chock-full of wisdom and gives us the full download on this episode.

More Radical Lessons in this episode:

— Don’t limit your work to a label. Your power is more than a title or job description.

— Fasts are a good way to detach yourself from materialism and get closer to the bare structure of your existence.

— There are a chain of events and tools that teach us to listen to ourselves, and develop a deep internal confidence. Let those signals guide you onwards and upwards.

— The “stuff” we do in between achieving the next goal is real life. Be grateful for the in between.

— Writing is a great process to record and hold a non-judgmental space for yourself.

— Anxiety is energy. You can ride it out and channel that energy instead of saying, “I’m anxious, I’m anxious” and making yourself nervous.

— Life’s challenges are a test to see if you truly have learned a lesson.

— Allow yourself the space to figure things out and truly love yourself by taking the things you don’t understand and honoring them anyway.

— Your judgment will keep you from moving forward and making your thought process more positive. Once that is eliminated, you can be free.


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“We’re not brought here just to exist, we’re brought here to live out a purpose.”
“Within the struggle and the process, there are so many gifts.”
“In the darkness, you are grounded.”
“Surrender to your vulnerability.”