Life Alignment Session

Deep and long-lasting change can happen instantaneously… if you have the right tools and the clarity to know exactly what you want.

A powerful Life Alignment Session is 2.5 hours of focused transformational work that will create a new perspective and targeted solutions for any issue, block or dead-end you are facing in life.

If you’re tired of dragging around that emotional baggage, make a decision to let it go right now. Aligning your life with your desire will set you free.

What does this include?

  • Pre-session meditation practice and journaling work
  • 2.5 hour power session (in-person in NYC or via video)
  • Targeted assignment and next steps post-session
  • 30 min check-in call following session

I only offer these sessions 2x per month.

Email me to apply for your chance:


"I came to a deep realization that I didn't even dare to dream and this needed to change. Working with Michelle is a choice to walk the bridge from repression to expression. I've taken the bold move to claim exactly what I want. Say it. Reach for it. I share my honest truth in a new way. And I feel the weight of old wounds released. It's wild."

– Allison