Michelle Keinan (episode 9)

Today’s episode is all about reprogramming your thoughts and learning to take back your power! Here to inspire us is our very own host, Michelle Keinan, transformational mentor and power guide.

Michelle shares personal truths on what it means to step back and examine our thoughts with total consciousness, and to use that newfound awareness to shape our lives for the better.

When we confront who we are at a basic level — our beliefs — it can be challenging, but it can also be a massive opportunity for personal growth. When you strive to be wholly and utterly yourself every day, you’re suddenly able to connect with people and create relationships built on a mutual understanding of one another.

That’s the idea that inspires Michelle’s teaching here: we don’t have to believe what we think. When we walk through life thinking our beliefs are set in stone, and that we — and others — can’t change, it’s incredibly disempowering. But we can change, and in this episode, Michelle shares her favorite way to start: with Katie Byron’s The Work.

It’s a simple practice that just requires commitment, and Michelle breaks down the ins and outs and connecting them to real-world examples. Incorporate this practice into your life to discover that any given belief or story you have for yourself isn’t the only belief or story of your life, it’s just one possibility. It’s up to you to pick your own path!

More Radical Lessons in this episode:

— Beliefs are nothing more than thoughts we’ve thought so many times that we’ve come to accept them as absolute truths. They’re mental habits, and they aren’t always good ones.

— Who would you be without your beliefs? How would you feel if you chose to believe something else instead?

— Always remember to step outside your own head and try to consider the situation you’re in from every possible angle, and you may realize that what you thought was the only possible viewpoint was just one, narrow perspective.

— Our beliefs are stories that we tell ourselves that we start to believe are our story.

— We all walk through the world with a point of view informed by our pasts, but we can choose how much we let those experiences affect us, and what story we’re writing.

— When you learn to let go and observe your own thoughts, you start to liberate your mind from whatever you’ve trained yourself to believe over time.

— Finding peace is always about looking within ourselves; it’s a matter of being willing to dive deep and ask the right questions.

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