Michelle Keinan (episode 13)

Today’s episode is all about what it really means to be “selfish” as a woman, and next week’s launch of DO YOU, a revolutionary new group for women ready to live the life of their desires. Here to inspire us is Michelle Keinan, founder of Radically Selfish and feminist powerhouse.

When Michelle decided to take everything she’d been working on and rebrand it with the “Radically Selfish” name, there was a huge ripple effect — people have a lot of preconceived notions about what it means to be selfish, few of them positive. As women, we’re taught that selfishness is a childish, vain thing, and that it means putting ourselves first to the detriment of those around us.

It’s an implicit judgment that makes us shrink in on ourselves, that constricts what we think we’re capable of or the value we place on ourselves and our needs and desires. From our relationships to our jobs, our fear of being branded “selfish” holds us back in myriad ways.

The thing is, we make the decision to let that fear rule our life — it’s a hard choice, but it’s a choice. Michelle’s new group, DO YOU, is about choosing to make a DIFFERENT choice, day after day until it becomes second nature and YOU become the guru, the expert, the only person whose opinion matters.

DO YOU is an opportunity for to work together, to harness the collective energy of a group of powerful women making the conscious decision to do what feels best for them and lead lives based on desire. Registration for DO YOU closes this weekend — reach out to learn more!

More Radical Lessons in this episode:

— We’re taught that selfishness is bad, and it makes us sacrifice pieces of ourselves; in reality, taking care of ourselves is the best first step to taking care of the people around us.

— The disempowerment we feel when we allow ourselves to believe we don’t deserve more shows up in everything we do; we stay in unhealthy relationships and situations because we tell ourselves this is all we’re worth.

— Each one of us gets to decide every day how we’re going to treat ourselves and value ourselves, or whether we’re going to let other people define those things for us.

— A decision means a choice, and whenever we get to make a choice it’s just one of many possibilities.

— Ask yourself: what choices are you making? What do you reinforce in your life? Are they the right choices for you, or are they the right choices for someone else? Confront how you might be holding yourself back.


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