Maria Christina Gabriel (episode 7)

Today’s episode is all about opening yourself up to healing. Here to guide us is Maria Christina Gabriel, a New York City-based Intuitive offering Mentoring Sessions, Readings, and Retreats. Christina’s mission is to guide you to create a life infused with purpose.

By honoring traditions and creating modern approaches, Christina’s work is energetic and instinctive. She holds space by blending different modalities – healing touch, plant medicine, astrology and holistic health – allowing clients to access greater healing and fulfillment. Christina is the creator of the German self-study course Power of Ceremony which will also be available in the US in 2018.

In this episode, she walks us through the process of discovering different rituals and ceremonies to heal various parts of your life. She believes that it is important to understand that we need different things every day, as every day is different. She also touches on the idea of rebirthing and discovering who you are and what you want to be, and not what other people want to be.

Christina believes that lot of times we hold ourselves back because we are afraid of what people might say, or that it might not work out. When we allow ourselves to come out of that shell, we show people that they can create the space for themselves to do the same. She urges you to allow yourself to heal and explains how there are different rituals and ceremonies you can use to heal various parts of your life. Allow the energy to be there and let go. Stop trying to make things a certain way, and allow energy to heal you so you can come home to yourself.

More Radical Lessons in this Episode:

– You don’t have to live up to the version of you that your parents created you to be.

– Ask yourself these questions: What is my spirit craving in this moment? How can I serve myself and care for myself in this moment?

– Taking a moment to breathe, to come back to your body, to connect with yourself again.

– Children have a connection with the world, but when you grow up you may lose that. We often try to be “normal” and we lose the creativity and the connection to the world that we once had.

– We carry the medicine to every problem that comes into our lives

– We don’t always need a “why” in order to meditate. You can just sit there and be with yourself and just be.

– It is not about being so brave that fear can not touch you, it’s about learning what you need to take that next step.

– Use your energy towards something you want, not just about something you don’t want.

– There is light mixed with darkness, there is balance in every situation.

– Your body is your home and it is all that you have. There is so much that we need to detach and actually come home.

– You have to focus on the inside to heal yourself. You can’t focus on the outside or look to the shiny products to help you, you have to look within to find the source that speaks to you in that moment.


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