Ev’yan Whitney (episode 15)

Today I’m talking to Ev’Yan Whitney- sexuality doula, educator, and creator of the Sensual Selfie Challenge. As a sexuality doula, Ev’Yan helps women and femme identifying people who want to transition out of a life of sexual shame, dysfunction, and confusion, to step into the full expression of who they want to be. She stands for women who want to have full ownership over their bodies – hell yes!

Ev’Yan got her start as a popular blogger writing about fashion, love, recipes, and lifestyle – who could no longer blog about her seemingly perfect life due to some distressing issues in her marriage. Struggling with intimacy as a result of a purity contract signed when she was young, Ev’yan decided to be open about her experience and found that there were many women who could relate. Through honesty and vulnerability and courage, Ev’Yan built up her own tribe of open-minded individuals seeking sexual freedom – overcoming disapproval to fully stand in her truth, and allowing her marriage and career to thrive.

This episode highlights a powerful journey of being seen, and helping others to be seen as well. Our experiences are not singular, they are often shared. If we humanize ourselves and share our imperfections and struggles, we can achieve joy. Thank you so much to Ev’yan for being fully herself, and using her experience to teach and inspire others.

More Radical Lessons in this episode:

— Because sex is so taboo, many of us are disconnected with this part of ourselves.

— We can step out of the stories that were passed on to us, from religious beliefs to cultural myths, and into the full expression of who we want to be as sexual beings.

— Don’t be afraid of proclaiming that you use pornography as a way to get off, it’s a tool like any other for your sex life.

— When we explore the parts of ourselves that need attention, we have the power to really nourish others on the same journey.

— We have a desire for our struggles to be witnessed, and today we have that power to create our own visibility and be seen through community.

— Shame can make us feel alone and isolated, and we can’t let it allow us to hide. We can use our voice to reclaim our power and stand in our truth.

— When we take our sexuality back into our own hands, we can redefine what women’s sexuality means from a cultural perspective.


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“I didn’t have a lot of people to talk to about sex. I think writing was one of the better ways for me to understand myself, to know myself.”

“I stand for women who want to have complete ownership of their bodies.”

“Yes, I’m a sexual being and I have sexual desires… We should all be talking about sex in this way if we feel comfortable to because it’s such a natural part of who we are and there’s nothing to be ashamed about.”

“The more images we see of women full owning their bodies, fully owning their sexual narratives, we are dismantling this notion that women’s sexuality looks a certain way.”