Vanessa Codorniu (episode 17)

Vanessa Codorniu is the very first psychic guest on the Radically Selfish podcast, and she brings it. A Psychic mentor and Hypnotherapist, Vanessa tells us about why it’s more important now more than ever to listen to our intuition, the reality of coaching, and how to make our dreams come true.

At 16, Vanessa’s mother tested her abilities with a Ouija Board, and her family revealed their own psychic capabilities- Vanessa is a 4th generation medium. Her desire to heal herself, and a feeling that the earth could simply be better, inspired her to share her gift.

But she wasn’t fully ready to step into her power until a family vacation turned into a traumatic car crash. Seeing her life flash before her eyes without her work being fulfilled, and coming out unscathed, shook her to finally take the plunge. She immediately created a 9 month online program and vowed to never settle for a job or relationship that was less than her true calling.

Come for the story, stay for the magic. This episode is one for the books.

More Radical Lessons in this episode:

— We’re all capable of tapping into our intuition.

— Intuition is about tapping into translogical information- energetic information beyond time and space. We’re all wired to receive energetic information, it’s just a matter of listening.

— Spend time alone, without screens, and let yourself be. Ask: what do I need to know right now? It may come in the form of a message, feeling, or vision.

— Stress and anxiety have no place while listening to intuition, the information won’t be helpful if we process it with fear. This information is objective and it needs to be treated like this. It comes from a wise place.

— We have to be careful about our intuition triggering our ego. A great first step is to sit with, and not doing anything with, the guidance we may receive.

— Listen to the things you naturally gravitate towards and share with others. Are you holding circles or hosting dinners? Tap into what you are coming back to and makes you YOU.

— Some people can’t create when they feel constricted- you have to know yourself and do things your way.

— Not everyone who advertises that they have the answers do, and sometimes those who don’t advertise do that for a reason.


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“We truly do have what we need within us.”
“We can’t receive a download if we’re not even opening a door to receive those messages.”
“If you are receiving information that seems to big to handle, allow yourself to sit with it.”