Miki Agrawal (Episode 16)

Miki Agrawal is an entrepreneurial powerhouse. While Miki’s success didn’t happen over night, it happened her way. In this episode, we chat all things business, authenticity, and challenging the status quo.

You may have heard of a few of Miki’s projects. There’s Thinx, the period-proof underwear. There’s Icon, the pee-proof underwear. Then we have Tushy, an affordable bidet attachment. Or if you are local to New York or Guatemala, you may have visited her gluten-free pizza concept- Wild. Miki isn’t afraid to tackle taboos, fix broken shit, or challenge the status quo. But she cites her upbringing from immigrant, entrepreneurial parents, and 7 years of unsuccessful fundraising and tinkering as key elements in her success.

But the real secret to Miki’s entrepreneurial empire? In all her years of trial and error, she learned that she shines most bright when she is authentically herself. Miki’s journey is an inspiration to every woman who perceives a problem and has the courage to fix it. From a recent college grad with constant stomach aches to a nationally recognized entrepreneur with another book on the way, Miki’s shares how you can take any struggle and use it to build your dream.

More Radical Lessons in this episode:

— Going through periods of discomfort will help build muscles within yourself to get through something, and put things in perspective.

— The more we talk about these “taboo” topics- defecation, sex, menstruation, etc- the more we normalize them.

— Americans eat 100 acres of pizza every day.

— If you are dealing with a difficult thought, you can simply file it for a later time to work through.

— The act of verbally acknowledging something lets resentment and negative energy out of your body, instead of keeping it all inside.

— We can have our moments of “Human-ness,” as long as we pull ourselves back into alignment and integrity, which our thoughts, feelings, and actions are all in sync.

— We’re constantly keeping ourselves small, how do we challenge ourselves to be great?

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  • “3 questions to ask yourself before starting a new business, What sucks in your world, does it suck for a lot of people, and can I be passionate about this issue for a long period of time?”
  • “What do we do with this luck? Lets go and build things that really support other people, support the planet, and improve the lives of everyone we can.”
  • “Why is this not working? Oh, I’m not comfortable.”
  • “When we talk shit, or troll, it’s keeping ourselves small”