Danielle Leslie (episode 20)

Danielle Leslie is a former Silicon Valley online marketing gone entrepreneur. Her popular online intensive, Course From Scratch, helps people achieve their dreams by creating their own profitable online courses. In fact, she helped Michelle go from teaching one on one clients to working in a powerful group setting– and change completely change her business for the better.

So how did this all go down? Danielle has always been adventurous, optimistic, and passionate about seeing what people are into and helping them turn that into a career. In 2015, she was laid off from her full-time start-tup job and went to a Friendsgiving. To her surprise, multiple friends wanted to hire her. Instead of finding another Director of Marketing job, she listened to what the Universe was telling her.

This year, Danielle hit over a million dollars in revenue. With over 50,000 people enrolled in her courses worldwide, her only direction is up. Her current mood? Grateful and motivated to keep going and help more people, since that is what got her here.

More Radical Lessons in this episode:

— If the Universe is giving you sign after sign, listen to it.

— Ask yourself why you got into something in the first place. Connect with your mission, and then go with the most simple solution. Don’t overcomplicate things with technology or create more problems than actual solutions. Cut out any excess.

— You don’t need to be on a different level to get something done. If your goal is to help people, help them right now with the resources you have.

— People who are transparent about their failures have the ability to be our greatest teachers.

— Social media is an incredible tool for us to connect with more diverse role models.

— Realize that what makes you different if more powerful than coming from a place of lack. Being different doesn’t make you “less than.”

— Instead of worrying if you are a “culture fit,” understand that you are a “culture add.” Your set of experiences give you a unique lens.

— Set goals for yourself and use real world manifestation through consistency, surrounding yourself with challenging people, and connecting to your Why.

Course From Scratch:

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“Ask yourself, why did I get into this in the first place and what is the first step I can take to get there?”
“Diversity is currency.”
“The only reason I crossed a million is because I said I would.”