China Brooks (episode 22)

Over the years, China Brooks has been known as a professional actor, spiritual teacher, yoni egg guru, sales expert, human design practitioner, course developer, etc. And now? China helps groups and individuals craft and sell high value offerings aligned with their Great Work so that they can live a balanced spiritual and material life congruent with Source Consciousness…and being very well paid for it. How’s that for a bio?

In this episode, we dive deep into some incredible empowerment topics:
Proper payment for practitioners
Human Design
How to know when enough is enough
How to listen to your body

This conversation is truly radical. Get ready to take notes, powerhouses.

More Radical Lessons in this episode:

— There should be a value for value exchange for modern spiritual leaders. The practitioners worth their salt should be well paid- and also decide how they want to give back to keep this work accessible.

— Grid workers work with energetic systems, within humans, buildings, spaces, or systems. The grids themselves can be shifted so that there is a better flow of energy.

— Keep track of your intake- the podcasts, videos, books, people you surround yourself with.

— If we feel like we’re not getting something from someone, look at yourself and see if you are giving it to yourself.

— Be present in your body. If you think you are too good to be in this world, you are likely in another. All the answers will come when you connect with the earth.

— The mind is very linear. Human Design helps you make decisions without being limited by your mind and focusing on the whole body.

— Removing blocks within the subconscious mind can help you get what you want. It may not always happen as quickly as we want, but it’s about putting in effort and personal responsibility. Remember to play and have fun in between the work.

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