Connecting with Spiritual Practice As You Experience the Powerful Transition of Marriage

The Experience

Becoming a wife is one of the most intense and touching changes in a woman’s life. How are you navigating the internal transition?

Power Guide and Transformational Mentor Michelle Keinan will create a unique spiritual experience for you and your tribe of powerhouse women, facilitating a rite of passage full of advice, sharing, laughter, ritual and connection. Feel what it’s like to sit at the center of so much love and care, not having to organize a thing— fully receiving and enjoying the feeling of your tribe holding powerful space for your happiness and growth. Empowered women are creating new traditions to embark on their life passages.

Let Michelle + her team design and provide that for you. Email us ❤️

  • Sacred Rituals, Meditations and Experiences
  • Bachelorette Parties
  • Bridal Showers
  • Pre-Marital Coaching (for you alone or with your partner)
  • Wellness Wedding Planning


I am so grateful that in the minutes leading up to what is normally an emotional and nerve-racking experience - walking down the aisle at my wedding - I instead experienced the utmost feeling of love, strength and a peaceful calm. Thanks to Michelle for leading myself and my bridesmaids in intention setting, breathwork, and internal balancing. The breathwork and my personal intention kept me so relaxed through the entire ceremony, and overall filled with pure joy, no nerves or overwhelmed mind cluster! Every bride deserves this experience!!!

– Alix K.

It was such a blessing to have Michelle's presence and guidance at my bachelorette weekend. She helped to bring a deeper level of meaning and experience to this special time with my girls. I received a powerful ceremony that helped me to set my intentions for becoming the wife - and woman - I want to be and which freed me from a lot of the pressure and stress I was putting on myself to be perfect. I was so touched by the beautiful conversation circle where I was able to share many of my fears openly, and receive the support and encouragement of my best friends. It was so special and so helpful in taking the pressure off and reminding me of the beautiful process I am in. I'm still glowing from such an incredible weekend - I feel SO loved!

– Paige W.

Side Effects Include (but are not limited to):

⚡️ Personal Freedom ⚡️ Next Level Orgasms ⚡️ Mindset Mastery ⚡️ Not Giving a Fuck ⚡️ Connection to Spirit ⚡️ Being in Flow ⚡️ Self -Confidence ⚡️ $$$ ⚡️ Being the One You Were Looking For ⚡️ Loving Your Life ⚡️ Speaking Your Truth ⚡️ Slaying Your Demons ⚡️ Having Everything You Ever Wanted ⚡️

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